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August 2012 Archives

Females may be at higher risk for brain injury complications

A recent study published in the Journal of Athletic Training focused on more than 800 athletes who had suffered from concussions. This study reported that women were more likely than men to be misdiagnosed due to the fact that they often displayed different symptoms. Another study indicated that women may be more likely than men to experience concussions and may have more severe symptoms. Concussions are a form of brain injury very common in sports as well as personal injury accidents.According to the studies, both men and women experience headaches and nausea as a result of their injuries, but women are more likely to be sensitive to light and noise or to be easily tired. These symptoms may be misdiagnosed as indicative of migraine or stress. This can lead to improper treatment and complications for female concussion victims.

Did unnecessary hospital procedures put patients' lives at risk?

We depend on our doctors and health care practitioners to use best practices and good judgment. We count on hospitals and healthcare facilities to have standards of practice in place that provide consistent care with the goal of decreasing instances of improper care, medical malpractice, misdiagnoses and unnecessary procedures. However, sometimes in their overzealousness, doctors may utilize treatments that are unnecessary and actually harm the patient leading to medical malpractice.  A 2010 investigation into the HCA chain of hospitals, provoked by a letter from a hospital nurse, revealed that unnecessary cardiac procedures were being performed at an HCA hospital in Florida. The incident was brought to the attention of the hospital's chief ethics officer in the summer of 2010 and the allegations were substantiated just two months later. It was further discovered that unnecessary procedures were being performed at other HCA hospitals, which drove up costs and resulted in more profit.

The failure to diagnose cancer in young adults

Unfortunately, even obvious symptoms can be missed by physicians. For this reason, patients from Ohio and Kentucky can always use a second opinion if they suspect something is being missed or misdiagnosed. One illness that is increasingly being misdiagnosed among patients under the age of 50 is cancer - in particular colorectal cancer.

Lawsuits may not be responsible for rise in healthcare costs

A consumer group called Public Citizen asserts that medical malpractice payments for 2011 were at a record low, and that medical malpractice payments are not the reason for the high cost of health care. What has instead occurred is that patients remain uncompensated for hospital errors.

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